Added Hebrew character set.
Support update.

Added feature to allow you to use captcha images from your own server. This can help if active-scripts.net is unavailable.

Added feature to allow you to lock the guestbook so that no further messages can be added.
Spam log chart added.

Anti-spam update.

Support update.

Anti-spam update.

Big bug fix for 13.7 that stopped some sites running the script.

Anti-spam update

By popular demand, added feature to allow bulk delete of selected messages in the Message Manager.
Added Content header to emails to allow emails to display non-standard characters as selected in the Language Preferences Manager.

Support update

Minor bug fix

Anti-spam update

Update to handle some older versions of perl which were having problems with some of the spam purge features.

Enables users to set automatic purges of the spam log.

Major anti-spam upgrade. You can now view spam attacks via the Control Panel

12.4 -
Bug fix

12.3 -
Smiley bug fixed

12.2 -
Regular anti spam update

12.1 -
Regular anti spam update

12.0 -
Added more anti-spam features
Restored request for selection from dropdown menu

11.2 -
Another smiley bug fixed.

11.1 -
Fixed a smileys/images bug.

11.0 -
Major anti-spam upgrade allowing removal of the dropdown menu in the Add A Message page.
Added more language control in the Languages Preferences Manager
Use of smileys/images from active-scripts.net limited to one week.

10.2 -
Added more control in the Message Manager

10.1 -
Added facility in the Standard Preferences Manager to remove user defined header and footer from the Add a Message page and the Preview page.
Added facility in the Language Preferences Manager to allow you to edit the error message displayed when a guest selects an incorrect security number in the Add a Message page.

10.0a -
Fixed a faulty image link in main guestbook page.

10.0 -
Added new anti-spam feature, requesting number selection when adding messages. Removed the option NOT to have a preview page when adding new messages.

9.3b -
Important technical update and bug fix.

9.3a -
Another minor bug fix.

9.3 -
Very minor bug fix.

9.2 -
Important anti-spam feature added at A15 in the Standard Preferences Manager.

9.1 -
Some important anti-spam code added.

9.0 -
Major code change to handle data corruption by malicious spam automatically.
Yet more anti-spam code.

8.4b -
Some more anti-spam code.

8.4a -
Added some more anti-spam code.

8.4 -
Added a search facility in the Message Manager.

8.3d -
Fixed bug allowing guests to generate email list without password.

8.3c -
Fixed some code that was causing one or two people on slow servers to have trouble accessing the control panel.

8.3b -
IMPORTANT - Anti-spam facility added (Standard Preferences Manager A12/A13) to restrict addition of messages from Add Pages outside your domain. YOU SHOULD ENABLE THIS. If it causes problems you can turn it off again.

Added facility (Standard Preferences Manager A14) to allow you to block messages that contain given email addresses.

Changed how Control Panel handles cookies to make life easier for people with slow servers.

8.3a -
Fixed a bug that stopped users saving new skins.

8.3 -
SKINS added. You can save your own skins, or import skins from active-scripts.net.

8.2f -
Added more control over page alignment. Standard Preferences Manager section B2 now has the ability to control alignment within the body of the guestbook as well as the overall alignment.

Added control over the text (Language Preferences Manager) given to guests when they add more than one message when you have set the guestbook to limit messages to one per person per day.

8.2e -
More anti-spam. Section A10 of the Standard Preferences Manager allows you to replace dots in messages with another character. This will stop spam urls being read by search engines.

8.2d -
More new code to block spam urls.

8.2c -
New code to block spam urls.
Fixed bug where message numbers showed in search results.

8.2b -
Fixed bug where numbers in the menus didn't match numbered messages.

8.2a -
Added facility to reverse message numbers. (Standard Preferences Manager B37).
Fixed Message Manager bug.

8.2 -
Changed Message Manager to show previous message when editing/deleting.
Added link back to first message at top of Message Manager following editing/deleting.
Added optional message numbering via the Standard Preferences Manager (B37-39).